The Louis Bennett Public Library was established in 1923. The library was housed in the Lewis County War Memorial, which is a 17 room mansion that was built by Jonathan McCally Bennett in 1875. The Bennett family lived in the house until 1922 when Mrs. Sallie Maxwell Bennett donated the house to the Lewis County Commission to be used as a public library.

O U R  M I S S I O N

To provide the best library service to the residents of Lewis County that available resources will permit.

1. We strive to keep our reference section up to date and applicable to the needs of our patrons.

2. We strive to keep reading material available to meet the needs of all ages.

3. Our friendly and courteous staff is here to assist you. If you have any suggestions on how we can serve you, please feel free to contact us.

Organization and Funding

The Louis Bennett Public Library is administered by a five member Library Board appointed by the Lewis County Commission. The library receives financing from the West Virginia Library Commission, the Lewis County Board of Education Levy, the Lewis County Commission and local donations.



Staff Members

Katrina Johnson, Director

Alli H., Clerk

Ashley R., Clerk

Tasha S., Clerk

Board Members

Stephanie Westfall

Dave Bush

Melissa Skinner

Kathy Marsh

James Dennison



It is the purpose of the library to provide library services to the residents of Weston and Lewis County. It is the library's function to serve the educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of the children and adults in Lewis County.

The library has adopted the policy of intellectual freedom as outlined in the "Library Bill of Rights" and "The Freedom to Read" statement. (See appendix A & B).

Books and other materials should be chosen for the value of interest and information. The library should provide books which present all points of view concerning issues and problems of the current times. 
Responsibility for the selection of library materials rests with the library director. The library director will select materials within the frame work of the policies and budget as determined by the Board of Trustees. 
Book selection tools will be used by the library director to review materials. A few sources are American Libraries, Library Journal, and New York Times Book Review.
Library patrons may fill out a request for re-evaluation of library materials (See attached form). The library director and Library Board of Trustees will review all written complaints and re-evaluate the library material. 
Library patrons may request the library to purchase a book. The library director will make the decision on whether or not to purchase the requested book. Requested books which are not purchased may be retrieved through the interlibrary loan system. 
Books which are donated by members of the community will be evaluated for use in the collection by an ad hoc committee consisting of a Hacker's Creek member, a Friends of the Library member and the Librarian.

The library's videotape collection contains educational and entertaining materials. The library will purchase classic movies, children's movies and educational tapes. The videotapes are selected by the library director. The library supports the "Freedom to View" statement of the American Library Association. (See Appendix C). A Library patron may donate a videotape to the collection, but the library director may reject unsuitable materials for the collection. The donor would be informed at the time of the donation.

It is the library's policy to remove from the collection materials which are outdated or are in poor physical condition. Books which are not circulating and that possess little literary value may be removed from the collection. The library staff will follow the guidelines stated on pages 53 to 56 of the West Virginia Public Library Working Standards Manual.

Discarded books may be sent to the West Virginia Library Commission Gift and Exchange department. Weeded books which are in very poor condition will be properly discarded. 

Library materials will be circulated to residents of Lewis County who are in good standing with the library. The library will honor patrons with Statewide Borrower's Cards. Books are checked out for two weeks at a time. Books can be renewed 2 times. Books on the New York Times Best Seller List can be renewed one time. Overdue fines are $.05 a day with a maximum charge of $2.50. 

Audiobooks can be checked out for two weeks at a time and can be renewed once. A maximum of ten audiobooks can be checked out at one time. Overdue fines are $.05 day with a maximum charge of $2.50. 

Videotapes can be checked out for two days at a time and can be renewed once. A maximum of three videotapes per family can be checked out at one time. Overdue fines are $1.00 per day with a maximum charge of $5.00. Patrons with overdue materials may not check out additional materials until all overdue materials are returned. If materials are lost patrons must pay replacement costs.


 The parking lot is for library patrons only. 
No food or drink is permitted in the library. 
No smoking is permitted in the library. 
No animals are allowed in the library with the exception of guide dogs for the blind or deaf.

No cell phone use in the library.  Please turn your ringer off.

No children under the age of 6 years are to be left unattended in the library.

Library patrons are limited to 1 hour of computer use a day.


Internet Policy

I. Mission 
The mission of the Louis Bennett Public Library is to provide patrons with the best and most current resources including online electronic information resources. Online electronic resources are currently accessible at the library through the Internet. The Internet is a worldwide information and communication network connecting thousands of other computer networks. All electronic resources which are accessible through the library are provided equally to all library users. Parents or guardians are responsible for electronic information selected and/or accessed by their children. Children under the age of 18 years who are not accompanied to the library by a parent or guardian are required to turn in a signed permission slip before computer access. The library's Internet computer does have a filter  through the West Virginia Library Commission.  Parents, not the library, are responsible for the use of the computer information by their children. All patrons who use the Internet computer must read this policy and sign the library's agreement statement. All computer patrons must sign in the daily log. Library patrons must have a library card to sign in on the computers due to Cybraryn software.The Board of Directors and staff of the Louis Bennett Public Library are committed to excellence in the fulfillment of this mission. 

II. Electronic Resources and Users Responsibility
Acceptable Uses
Patrons are encouraged to use the online computer for the following purposes 
* Research and educational information 
* Navigation ("surfing") of the Internet to locate sites of interest. 
* Printing from full text databases. Patrons and staff may not use the online computer in the following situations: 
* Illegal, unauthorized, unethical or commercial purposes. 
* Chat rooms. 
* Manipulation of internal hardware and/or software including uploading of any software. 
* Transmission or downloading of any material in violation of state or federal laws including the following: 

Copying or downloading of any material in violation of copyright law. (Downloading of software and files not in the public domain is a violation of copyright law and is expressly prohibited.) 
Computer use is a library privilege and should be treated as such by all users of the system. Library staff has the right to determine the appropriateness of computer use and can at any time require a patron to leave the computer. Prohibited uses will result in loss of computer privileges. 

III. Procedures
The library has four computers with Internet connection and CD-ROMS. Computer use is on a first come, first served basis.  Small children may not be left unattended in the library while an adult is working on the computer. Library patrons are limited  to one hour a day due to Cybraryn saoftware.  All sessions must end fifteen minutes before the library closes for the day. 
Staff Assistance
Library staff will provide computer assistance for basic start up procedures and general computer instructions. Patrons are encouraged to ask library staff questions during Internet sessions or before or after computer session. Patrons may consult the library's reference collection of Internet books. 
There is no charge for use of the Internet computer. However, there is a printing charge of 15 cents per page. The library does not allow personal disks or software to be used on the library's computers because of the possibility of virus contamination. A library patron can buy a computer disk from the library for 75 cents or a rewritable CD for $1.50 which will allow a patron to save resumes, letters and other word processing items. 

Legal and Medical Information Caution Statement  

The material available in the Louis Bennett Public Library may not be the most accurate, complete and up to date information.

The library staff is not qualified to give legal or medical advice. While the material being provided may apply to your question, you should check with a legal or medical professional to be certain the information is correct.

The law is constantly being changed through legislation, administrative rulings, and court decisions. Medical treatments are constantly being changed through medical research. You must check with a legal or medical professional to be sure you have the most current, pertinent, and complete material and to get advice on its interpretation.

Approved by the Louis Bennett Public Library Board of Trustees.